Colombia must to move.

After of to live more of two hundred years of goberments similarys in ideology and to be, located in the right in the political spectrum, that is to say, all the Colombian republic life, we could to be witnesses of the delay what experience the country from all the aspect and I am referring to the social economic, political, educational and more, where the country show a delay fort and this is demonstrable where the stadistics say what Colombia is one of the countries more unequales of the world, only surpassed for some African countries.


Is for these reasons what today in day the Colombian people are manifesting in all streets of the republic, demanding a best country with more opportunities for yours inhabitants.

In the nexts elecctions for the Congress and Republic president is very likely what the population decide to vote for candidates of left, all this provoked for the bad management what the traditional governments have developed and what they show is the need of give an change of direction, in this occasion to the left or alternatives movements.

We can to conclude what he change what will experiment Colombia to the left is exclusive cause of the sad and terrible governments of right, especially the for today recognized like the worst presidency in the history of Colombia, the Ivan´s Duque management, in this none person in Colombia have doubt.

Jose Alexander Masco Avendaño



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