Comparison of project management software: Project Libre and Project Planner

A software project management is a term used in software engineering covering various types of software: project planning, management and control of budget and resource allocation; which they are used to manage the complexity involved in a large project.


 There are many software related to project management, the software that will be analyzed in this article are Project Libre and Project Planner. The general characteristics of each will be established for comparative features of each ones related in project management.

 Project Libre. It is an open source software that runs on the Java platform, allowing run on multiple operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS or Windows. It has support for Microsoft Project and it was winner of InfoWorld "Best of Open Source" award, and is the evolution of OpenProj. Project Libre is a free software project co-founded by Marc O'Brien.

 Project Planner. It is a project planning tool, to organize tasks practical, simple and fast. This software is a very similar to the traditional spreadsheets design, which allows easily create and modify any type of data that is entered as dates, links between tasks, relevant data. This software is Copyright license so its price ranges from $ 99.95 to $ 4999.95, depending on the desired users demand.

 Performing a comparison of the features offered by each software with respect to project management tools, both allow: Gantt and Pert charts, resource management, calendar planning, workflow, compatibility with Microsoft Project, allow the creation of reports, critical path management and task management.

 Project Planner offers the following features that Project Libre does not offer such as Creation Wizard Project, Risk Management, Creating dependencies, milestone tracking, cost management, email notifications and templates for future projects.

 Project Libre offers the following features that Project Planner does not offer such as diagrams analytical resource structure (RBS), diagram work breakdown structure (WBS), Export to PDF, User Interface tape-based Management and earned value.

 The software analyzed Project Libre and Project Planner allow to create operations project management in an easy and intuitive way, although the detailed comparison Project Planner has the greatest advantage. A major disadvantage that both have is the lack of run on mobile devices because today is a very important feature to achieve a competitive advantage.

 It is important before purchasing a software project management, analyze the technical features and functionality offered by each of them; because that let you choose the most suitable to the requirements of the business and operations support project management software.


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