. ¿When did kings quit going to war? I will like to see George Bush fighting against Sadam Hussein with swords, helmets and horses. But then there would be no need to buy missiles, helicopters, tanks, AK47s. The domination of one country over another would be reduced to agriculture and animal husbandry, technology. Year of 1962, Charles Xavier starts to recruit his team of mutants with special abilities to try to confront Sebastian Shaw and his little army. Years and years have passed since World War II ended, but for some reason, Hollywood films insist to live in the past. The bad guys, the villains, the antagonists are still Nazis and Russians.Anthems, flags, symbols, “false heroes” have always served to manipulate the passions of the masses to govern. Identities are built around a fake nationalism based on hate, “the others people culture”. Stereotypes, prejudice, antagonism, religion have done their job in the game of war. Territory, oil, gold, weapons, drugs, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other natural resources have been the real reason for such conflicts. The exercise of power allows lies, economic speculation, ideologies, racism, corruption, recreation(like football), elitism and the Weberian monopoly of force. Because the state was born as “an Instrument for the exploitation of the oppressed class” (Marx 1848). The Gen Y comes out from Gen X which is governed by the guidelines of consumption. Our youth is not even allowed to have an identity of its own. Beauty is determined by the mass media so the goal for women is to be skeletal, blonde and stupid with a teenager look. Technology could be the tool for "a real democracy" but it becomes a tool for entretainment. We live in the era of demystification of idols, disposal of ideologies, globalization, individualism, the god who was searched in the universe is now searched within us. Erich Fromm said politicians dont need to speak the truth, they just need the applause. Our current leaders are like rock stars. Berlusconi is concerned with judges and orgies, Sarkozy stains the history of France with weapons, drugs and oppression of the working class, Calderon prays for peace while enriches the industries of war and death, Obama smiles at cameras while obeying the elites of Wall Street. As Malcom X said “power never takes a back step only in the face of more power”.In the fiction of X men mutants are a minority fighting against the soldiers of the state, in the real life humans follow orders like some kind of irrational robots. Humans physically and psychologically trained to dehumanize them selves. To kill hundreds of human beings “in the name of god and democracy”. The citizen of today is trying to participate for something else tan social insurance, the citizen of today its awakening, its becoming aware that the sheep needs to organize the rest of the sheeps to avoid the wolves decide what's for dinner (based on Benjamin Franklins quote). Until than we will be like pawns in the hands of great god almighty. Lets make “Cracy” (power) soon realize “Democracy” cant be completed without the decisions of the “Demo” (people). Like John Lennon used to say: "power to the people right on"  X MEN, GEN X, MARX, JOHN AND MALCOM X http://www.surcic.blogspot.com/ 


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